When Ky’s alien father leaves for his home planet Mrax, he brings to life a model made from junk for his son. Months later, Dad has still not returned, Ky’s mother is in a coma and an unwelcome aunt has moved in.  Miserable, Ky turns to his best friend Fay, who has mysterious talents of her own. She foretells he will rescue his father without her.

Teleported into a whole new life, not knowing who to trust, Ky is swept up in a mind-blowing conspiracy. He must master his hybrid skills to rescue his father and help his alien family push Mrax out of a destructive orbit .

Can Ky save a world and reunite his family with a little help, and hindrance, from his junk side-kick?


The race is on to save Earth.

On planet Mrax to learn about his father’s world, Ky finds a powerful enemy among the Elders, who wants to rid his pristine planet of a ‘worthless half-breed’. As he struggles to fit in, a baby Mrug adopts him and becomes another challenge for Ky.

Ky’s friend Fay, a healer who dreams the future, discovers the cause of the quakes wrecking The Rift. As it erupts from the ground, the monster’s vicious hunger overwhelms her. Instinctively she pings it away to Earth, a decision that almost costs her life.

Teams, both human and Mraxi, scour the African continent into Europe, striking diamonds ultimately in France. Aided by the very poorest of Paris, Ky and Fay lead the race to save a city and a world from the scourge of the Kronk.